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Relevance and the Scope of the Course

The summer school aspires to provide an overview of some of the most commonly used tools, techniques and methods covered by disciplines related to transitional justice, dealing with the past and reconciliation in post-conflict societies. With the expertise of the lecturers from the region and beyond, the course will also discuss emerging innovative methods in social sciences research relevant to this important field. The summer school is organized as a combination of lectures, workshops, excursions, fieldtrips, visiting official institutions, introduction to governmental and non-governmental organizations and participation in socio-cultural activities and events.


In addition to its internationally relevant content, the summer school is of particular significance to both participants interested in the region and those coming from the region itself, considering the recent history of violence perpetuated in this part of South Eastern Europe. As such, the program promotes both interdisciplinary and discipline-specific contents and methodological and ethical approaches to researching and facilitating a positive social change in post-conflict recovery and transitional justice context. Supplementary relevance of the course is to build regional capacity in the fields targeting professionals and scholars who are in a position to further transfer their knowledge and experience to their societies and local communities.